I still don’t know the reason but something – probably in the Reaper. It’s always been the least glitchy in that regard. You had to have set this up with an asio card or chose settings that will not work to get this error. I have tried disabling all onboard sound devices. This is the simplest. Generate button now has a new popup menu with various generation options also has Ctrl-G hotkey.

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Error While Creating Asio Driver – Image-Line

There you select the “Audio”-tab and on “Soundrecording” or alike, you choose your audio-device, your microphone is connected to. Thanks for all the suggestions There are, however, examples error while creating the asio ASIO can be used in two programs at the same time. Playback might cause a crash after editing multi-drums. Just curious, are you using the latest 2. You don’t have the low latencies though, but if you error while creating the asio have to play any instruments or sort of you can do so.

Hi Windy Mac and welcome to the forum! Apparently having the program open prompts this error. In the video there error while creating the asio several ways discussed to work around the problem. Problem 2 stemming from this problem is: Setting in Audio Preferences to use smaller MME buffers if the song has gain nodes, to prevent stair-step clicking. Find More Posts by stratman. My mics work fine through the windows sound with the Omega and in BB with the Omega.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER: PEGATRON 2AC2

A full install might not fix your problem but it will make it a little easier to troubleshoot because any potential USB problems are eliminated. Also, if you do install it on your hard drive, do not add it to Program Files.

error while creating the asio Noel suggests a separate folder, not Program Files Are there residual items on the C drive from running the usb that I should uninstall from the system before doing so? The UltraPlusPak is a terrific purchase! Data You mentioned Audacity.

July 24, Just released This at least takes the time-pressure and you can deal with the ASIO-problem later.

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It contains a craeting interface to ICMP. I can’t thank you enough. It happens a few times on every voice track I record, forcing me to re-record parts of my vo. Posted Wed 15 Aug 12 9: I have tried disabling all onboard sound error while creating the asio. Posted Thu 03 Nov 11 3: Accepts an incoming connection on a bound socket.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER: INSPIRON B120

Then that window popped up. I downloaded the latest Asio driver as a start and found the new panel to be a big help in selecting the in and out ports.

The install will take a little while because there’s a great deal of copying to be done. I then deleted the Reaper ini-files made a backup before and error while creating the asio Reaper. Thr did not seem to help, but I will consider another attempt.

Activate the check boxes 3. Send a private message to sstillwell.

I tried shutting it down and reloading the Asio Drivers.